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Released: Tuesday, May 24, 2011- Fix several issues with chat notifications.- Fix incorrect dates in communication history.- Fix freeze when saving drafts.- Fix several crashes.

Released: Monday, May 23, 2011- Fix a corner case in DIGEST-MD5 authentication.

Released: Wednesday, October 19, 2011Brand New e M Client 3.5 is out New Features- New Account Wizard.- Full support for Facebook Chat.- Skype integration works with all Skype versions and is blazing fast.- Automatic lookup for user's avatar on Facebook.- Data from Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Windows mail can now be imported to a specific account.- Outlook importer is now able to import categories as well.- New Spam button functionality Fixes and optimization- Major startup speed improvement.- Over 500 bug fixes optimizations Released: Friday, September 16, 2011Features- Brand new Account Wizard.- Smart account settings automatic detection to simplify account set up.- Full support for Facebook Chat.- Undo functionality for messages, events, tasks and contacts.- Upcoming events and upcoming contacts' birthdays are now shown in agenda in sidebar.- Search folders can now be created also for calendar, tasks and contacts.- Skype integration now works with all Skype versions and is blazing fast.- Insert symbol and insert html functionality in message editor.- Automatic lookup for user's avatar on Facebook.- Reworked widgets.- Simplified chat contacts pairing.- Improved Sync2e M account set up wizard.- Add signature to a cursor's position feature.- Add support for opening links with special URL scheme (ie.

protocol://).- Data from Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Windows mail can now be imported to a specific account.- Outlook importer is now able to import categories as well.- Export events to i Cal format.- Export contacts to v Card format.- Option to force message format for replies and forwards (html or plain text).- Automatic capitalization of first letter in a sentence feature.- Added option to manually specify special folders on IMAP accounts.- Spam button improved.- Added option to choose folders shown in Communication and Attachment history and Agenda.- Many shortcuts added.

Released: Tuesday, May 17, 2011- Memory usage optimizations.

Released: Monday, May 9, 2011- Fix race condition in POP3 message downloading.- Improve compatibility of sent messages with Eudora.

Released: Friday, June 1, 2012- A few fixes and optimizations.

Released: Thursday, April 12, 2012e M Client 4.0 Maintenance Release Features- Weather forecast in calendar can now be disabled.

Released: Thursday, February 23, 2012- Maintenance release containing many improvements to the user interface, synchronization and other areas.

Released: Friday, June 10, 2011- Updated German and Portugese localization.

Released: Friday, June 3, 2011- Print a list of attachments alongside email content.- Workaround bug in time zone handling on Google Calendar.

Released: Thursday, October 31, 2013e M Client 6 BETA- Microsoft Exchange support (Exchange Web Services)- Full Touch support - Support for shared calendars on (former Hotmail or Live)- Deduplicator tool- Reworked calendar allows displaying more events than before- Subject editing- Customizable reply and forward headers- Spell checker in chat, subject and other fields- Customizable shortcuts- Improved GMail and Google apps integration Released: Wednesday, September 11, 2013- Fix for multiple drafts' versions in GMail's trash.- Workaround for Facebook chat duplicit messages bug.- Change the behavior of Unread folders to display also messages marked as read that were marked after the folder was opened.- Improve Yahoo and Yandex IMAP compatibility.- Memory usage optimizations.- Improvements and fixes for Windows (Live) Mail import.- Fix for several scheduling scenarios on Google Calendar.- Improved support for Google events.- Fix for crash when editing percentage value in tasks.- Updated Russian and Czech localization.

Released: Monday, May 13, 2013- Appointment's location is now shown in calendar- Fixes contact search- Fixes drag and drop between To, CC and BCC fields- Fixes renaming folders with names that contain spaces Released: Tuesday, April 30, 2013- Hi-DPI fixes- Keep image ratio when resizing- Fixes scrolling with high-resolution mice- Fix for Strato servers- Fixes endless synchronization on IMAP- Workaround for crash with invalid IMAP server responses- Fixes resetting of IMAP cache properties in some scenarios- Fixes minor bugs in calendar- Fixes duplicate mail sending on certain mail servers- Fixes displaying of certain HTML emails- Fixes import of certain files- Fixes XMPP file transfers with Apple i Chat- Localization updates- Several other bug fixes Released: Monday, February 18, 2013Several bug fixes Released: Friday, December 14, 2012e M Client 5.0- Brand new Windows 8 style modern look- Full support for Windows 8- Hotmail support (Mails, Contacts, Messenger)- Simplified and tweaked GUI - 4 predefined themes- Full featured mail backup- Automatic archiving of older messages- Support for archive on GMail- Even better support for GMail including simpler folder hierarchy.- MSN (Live Messenger) support- Settings are now completely reworked and simplified- Import and export settings (including accounts and rules)- Print preview for mail printing- Simplified Smart folders (former Global folders)- Detach chat window quickly with drag and drop- Brand new calendar with new look and better support for keyboard- Improved execution time- Many other bug fixes and optimizations Released: Friday, June 15, 2012- Search speed improvement.- A few other fixes.

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Released: Wednesday, June 15, 2011- Fixed minor UI issues.

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