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For while good reviews can be the making of hotels, restaurants and b & bs, bad reviews can break them."To a small business with only a few reviews, claims of food poisoning can be devastating," said Chris Emmins of Kwik Chex, the company bringing the action on the hotels' behalf.Reviews are the words of "trusted members of the travel community", according to Trip Advisor – and yet no checks are made on the identity of the people who post them and no proof of stay is needed.In fact, all that is required to upload these travel "truths" is an anonymous username and email address (which can easily be faked).is one of the worst paedophile priests", said another of a guesthouse in Scotland; "the woman that runs this bar is a racist – fact!" Trip Advisor is also awash with references to food poisoning (10,951), bed bugs (31,429), assault (1,064) and theft (7,554) – accusations that leave an indelible stain on the establishment concerned, but which can be made without a shred of evidence.Often these defamatory terms are used to describe hotel or restaurant staff, b & b owners, waiters and receptionists.

"Pervert/perverted" features in 353 reviews, "homophobic/homophobia" in 295, "rapist" in 33, and "paedophile" in 10.

The service has also proved popular with many owners of b & bs and small hotels, whose high ratings have earned them high exposure.

"Trip Advisor was a real 'wake-up' call," said Amelia Whitaker, who opened Nearwater, a luxury b & b in St Mawes, Cornwall, in May.

From the outset its warts-and-all accounts were applauded for shaking up a complacent hotel industry.

Instead of glossy brochures and toned-down guidebook reviews, travellers suddenly had access to real accounts, from real people, paying real money.

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