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More than 63,000 pounds of garbage was picked up in one city alone. Since 1998, nearly 4,200 attendees have participated in IYC-related mission experiences in eleven countries.Over 40,000 students and leaders have attended IYC since 2002. Since 2006, IYC has partnered with churches in communities where the event has been held to help plant churches and serve in various ways with existing churches.Over the seventy-two years that have followed, International Youth Conventions have been held in all regions of the United States—as well as in three Canadian provinces.In the late 1990s, the Youth Ministry Team developed an overall purpose statement for IYC: to create a moment for life change.As IYC2018 approaches, begin to pray with us for that moment of life change for all who attend.Seventh-grade graduates to seniors in high school and adult leaders. All individuals attending IYC2018 must be registered in order to participate.To register, click on the Pre-IYC missions tab on the IYC home page. Impact Indianapolis is a one afternoon event where each group can go out and serve the city around IYC for a few hours.On the IYC website, there is a link for you to go and check out the different organizations that have opened work for us to do.

Yes, we have partnered with Lead222 to offer a mission experience in Indianapolis, June 24–30.The International Youth Convention of the Church of God, better known as IYC, was launched in 1924 as a youth day.In 1930, the first three-day, biennial youth convention was held.Together, through much prayer and discussion, they set the theme, schedule, and decide on artists and speakers.They come back together around one year prior to the convention to complete the student conference schedule and select the leaders of those conferences.

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When finding an organization to work with, read the description, and pray about whether it is a good fit for you and your youth group. Everyone attending IYC must submit a completed waiver/liability form.

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