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Former Campbell teacher Lisa Watson — now the Cobb School District’s assistant communications director — and eight of her video production students created a 30-second public service announcement highlighting the dangers of human trafficking to submit to the Indiana-based Kinder Vision Foundation’s Greatest Save Teen Public Service Announcement Contest.

Schools located near Major League Baseball teams can compete in the contest with the goal of increasing awareness of forms of teen victimization such as dating violence and sexual assault.

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Watson said the students were initially hesitant to tackle the subject of sex trafficking, but they became more passionate about the issue when they discovered Atlanta is one of the largest sex trafficking hubs in the country.

“They got completely immersed in the project especially after they did some research and became aware of the problem (sex trafficking) in Atlanta,” she said.

Lucie, Florida 2nd Runner up: “Taken” from Spoto High School in Tampa, Florida Congratulations to these high schools and high schools in throughout the country that participated in 2017 The Greatest Save Teen PSA Program.You'll find complete galleries of all the samples above in our members section, together with much much more.James Clemens High School from Madsion, Alabama with their entry entitled “How Well Do You Know Your Friends”.“Once we realized how close to home it was, it really hit home.” The high school students treated the highly-sensitive topic in a delicate and effective way, Watson said, which helps communicate the dangers of sex trafficking to other high school and middle school students.As winners of the Atlanta Braves’ region, Campbell’s video production class’s video is now distributed across the country as a teaching tool to help increase awareness of the dangers of sex trafficking.

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