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Sonia gets some relationship advice from a patient while her boyfriend Nick, who is undercover, goes missing.

Meanwhile, Chloe's ex-boyfriend come to New Jersey to tell her he is getting married, much to her dismay.

Harris, who has called a meeting to determine Veronica's future at Mercy Hospital.

The truth about Veronica and Chris's affair emerges, which makes Veronica question whether or not to tell Mike.

The series initially aired on Wednesday at pm (ET), as part of the 2009 fall season, but was pushed back to pm in April. Veronica Flanagan Callahan (Taylor Schilling) is a nurse who has just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq, while Sonia Jimenez (Jaime Lee Kirchner), her best friend, has become seriously involved with a police officer, and Chloe Payne (Michelle Trachtenberg) is a recent nursing graduate who is thrown into the world of nursing and is unprepared for what it entails.

The production left New Jersey for New York in 2010, however, when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie suspended the tax credits for film and television production for the fiscal year 2011 to close budget gaps.

Exterior shots of Mercy Hospital were taken of the back side of a public school on 4th street (between Newark Ave. The exterior of Lucky 7's Bar was filmed at a location on the corner of 2nd and Coles Street in Jersey City.

Meanwhile, a ten year coma patient named Bill, finally wakes up and decides to confront his love life which inspires Veronica to do the same with hers and Sonia gets a taste of the rich life when she has a wealthy and eccentric patient to look after. Joe Briggs, and already starts to make the bad books with the Hospitals staff. Sands have to set aside their problems, to save a woman and her frozen son who were found in the woods. Harris treats a patient which has a condition that keeps causing her to make inappropriate sexual advances. Sands and she also wants to avoid her PTSD symptoms that were triggered by the robbery so she takes extra shifts at the Hospital, but, when she finds out what the parent of her young patient has been doing, her reaction shocks everyone even herself.

After the death of Chloe's newlywed patient, Chloe has to help the newlyweds grieving husband leave the Hospital and Sonia continues as a private nurse for her wealthy patient. Sands finally go on their official first date on Valentines Day, but, before she can make it to the restaurant, Veronica is held hostage when the donut shop she goes to is robbed. Joe Briggs re-assigns Chloe and Angel to the fast paced world of the E. Also, Sonia bonds with the son of her rich home care patient, and begins to question her relationship with Nick. Meanwhile, Sonia's home care patient wants to kill herself which causes Sonia to make a decision that could ruin her career while Chloe accompanies Dr.

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A night club fire puts a strain on Veronica when she tries to save the only survivor, but when the patient has to go into therapy, she helps Veronica realize she may need some help herself.

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